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  1. Midwest
    I'm pricing out the build vs buy on a roll cage for my 99 e36 2dr. Does anyone know shops in Michigan that can do rally-spec cages? I'm in the Detroit metro area Thanks
  2. Safety Products
    I have a roll cage for sale which was intended for a 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer but should also fit Mitsubishi Lancer's and Evolution's from 2002-2006. The bent sections were bent by Sandale Performance in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. The straight sections are uncut and un-notched DOM tubing. All tubing is...
  3. Build / Development
    We have 2 acid dipped and primed GD (02-07) Subaru Impreza shells w/ roll cages. One shell has brand new cage in it, the other one has seen some rally action. If needed can be supplied with all the body panels: doors, fenders, hood, trunk lid, etc Please contact me for specifics and pricing...
  4. Pacific Southwest
    Hi all, I parted out my VW MkII Golf this past weekend, and as a result have a straight, NON-SUNROOF MkII Golf shell available for cheap to rally teams. The shell is fairly clean (no dents that I am aware of), but the metal fenders have been cut (it had wide G60 fender flares front & rear for...
  5. Car Construction and Equipment
    Proper "NASCAR-style" (sorry for the dirty word) door bars prevent you from using a window regulator (crank or electric). How can you prove safe exit from the vehicle if the doors are closed? From reading the NASA rules it appears that you need to have some way of lowering the side windows with...
  6. Pacific Southwest
    Hey guys/gals, I am in the process of updating my Eagle Talon (last log booked in 2005) to meet current specs (NASA). I am needing roughly 10ft of 1.5"x 0.095" DOM/CDS Tubing to add A-pillar reinforcement and "X" the roof bracing (currently just a diagonal) to my cage. If anyone has had a...
  7. Car Construction and Equipment
    Just need a quick clarification. Building a cage in a 99 impreza coupe, intended to be logged with Rally America. Using 1.75 x .095 dom. I need a total of 3 door bars correct? One along the sill. Then two bent in a v shape with the points of the v touching each other so they look like an X...
1-7 of 10 Results