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  1. Car Construction and Equipment
    I have a 2014 STi that I can either build it into a rally car or sell it and try to find a used rally ready car. Any suggestions?
  2. Car Construction and Equipment
    Hello! I’m starting to build my 2000 2.5rs for RA open light. I’m new to rally, but im capable enough to drive off the road. I am hoping to complete by Mt Hood. I have a partial idea of what needs to be done and I am hoping for some input/suggestions for parts, and to complete my list which I am...
  3. Rally Cars For Sale
    For sale is my 1984 325e E30 Price: $5000 Engine/Drivetrain: Car drives and handles very well. Shifts into each gear smoothly and the engine idles, revs, and pulls very well. No issues on the mechanical end of this vehicle and it is leak free. I have all parts required to complete an i head...
  4. Car Construction and Equipment
    I'm born raised and live in Alaska so going to another state to look at a car is more expensive than it would be if i was down south. Ive been searching Craigslist and i stumbled upon a car i though might be a perfect opportunity. http://anchorage.craigslist.org/cto/4212169898.html problem is...
  5. Car Construction and Equipment
    :confused:I am currently designing a fox body mustang to build after my army tour in Korea is over (May). First off I will be running NASA. Design: 8.8 IRS (out of a tbird) tubular a arms and coil-overs on all corners 302 carb engine aluminum heads forged rotating assembly t-5 transmision...
  6. Car Construction and Equipment
    Im getting my new, not so new, WRX in the next few weeks, 2004, i hope...:confused: I got a good chunk of cash still left over and was eager to see what parts I should start getting NOW, so I can get to work ASAP. Now I know some ppl would say its stupid to buy and build a Rally car. But also iv...
  7. Car Construction and Equipment
    If you had your dream engine for G2 competition in this chassis what would it be? I recently got a 1988 MKII Golf, good chassis, but a bad 2.0L 16V engine. Lots of you have started with VW and moved on, many of you still have and run VW, I hope you won't mind sharing some of your hard earned...
1-7 of 7 Results