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  1. USA
    My name is Alice Von Denes and I am 21 years old. I've navigated for 10 different rallies in the past year. I'm looking for a team to co-drive for for BRS, LSPR, and the total Rally America National Series next year. The guy that I was navigating for decided it was too much for him so he hung up...
  2. Co-Drivers
    I am looking for a co driver for BRS next month, my co-driver had a schedule clash after the date change. I have a 2WDH and 4th in 2wd points overall. I have a stilo helmet, with trophy intercom 3 pin. we have a crew, and vehicle will be trailered to BRS. If you are interested please...
  3. USA
    I was shooting the Tidd splash from 10 feet up in a Red Maple and many thanks to the beavers for building the dam. And thanks to all the drivers who hit the water fast. Maybe someone can trap a few of those beavers and move them to STPR.
  4. Co-Drivers
    I have prior experience at RNY and in NASA events. I'm looking for a 2wd ride at IRNY for some USRC points if possible and more seat time. I have all my gear and my own transportation. Thanks for looking! Tim Oliver Email: [email protected]
  5. Co-Drivers
    Hello! My name is Angela Cosner and I am looking to codrive for NEFR, Black River, Rallye Defi, and Rally of the Tall Pines. I am a codriver who is looking for more experience. I am very active in rally events where I have held various volunteer positions. These positions/jobs include...
1-5 of 5 Results