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  1. Pacific Northwest
    At the September 9th, Rally Against Parkinson's during the silent auction Tim O'Neil has donated a three day rally school to be bid upon. You must be present to bid on the item and entered in the rally. The entry fee is $25 and that includes regularity laps around PIR, the touring rally...
  2. Pacific Northwest
    Rally Against Parkinson's September 9th Start at Portland Int'l Raceway Finish at Pearson Air Museum, Vancouver, WA Registration 10:30am The Rally Against Parkinson's, scheduled for September 9th is pleased and proud to announce an addition to the silent auction from Team O'Neil Rally School...
  3. Canada
    Hey all, sort of a continuation from what Leo did at Tall Pines, but this is for a ride with Nick Narini, the most promising young rally racer in Canada, who is the 2010 OPRC overall and Open class champion. Team Manick has teamed up with the Child Development Institute, CDI, and are...
1-3 of 3 Results