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  1. Co-Drivers
    Looking for someone to man the scary seat of car #240 at LSPR 2011. The car is a 1991 Nissan 240SX running G2. I will be driving the whole weekend, this is my second event driving this car. The car was great at Rally MN this year, and I hope to keep up the clean record. Im still on the green...
  2. Event Announcements
    Join us for the largest Nissan / Infiniti / Datsun convention in North America! Formerly known as the National SE-R Convention, NICOclub.com has stepped up the size of this convention for 2010 - It's now open to all Nissan motorsports enthusiasts. Events will include two days of on-track...
  3. Car Construction and Equipment
    Its finally time for me to post this up here. Ive been working on my race car since I got home from LSPR this fall. The reason I've waited so long, is because, thus far progress has been limited mainly to destruction. I Picked up the car last week, and it now has a roll cage. I'm officially...
  4. Car Construction and Equipment
    Its come time to start sorting the suspension for my rally project. I have everything figured out except the dampers. Im running on a budget, so ideally I would like to keep costs low. This leads me to a simple strut, coilover sleeve combo. I have tentatively settled on Koni's for their...
1-4 of 4 Results