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    Default Hello, i have some question.

    Hi, I am trying to get into putting together a rally vehicle. I was wondering weather a 4x4 geo tracker hardtop would qualify for production class events, open, or truck production class; since its considered a crossover? Also, in what classes is it ok to add forced induction to a vehicle? can forced induction be used in production class vehicles where the engine had it as an option, but not in that particular vehicle per say? (example: ecotec supercharged in some vehicles like redlines, but not in cavaliers or some Saab's).

    Lastly, do front wheel drive vehicles in production classes hold a candle to the all wheel drives in the same class? I haven't gotten to see many rally events (hope to attend many more soon), but it seems like awd is the way to go. But I want to build as domestic to United states as possible, and there are no all wheel drive compacts by GM, ford, or MOPAR (that I'm aware of) at least not here that I can budget. any response is very greatly appreciated and thank you for your help in advanced.

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    Don't know why you would want to piss $$ going awd? Pointless. Double the axles,plus a transfer case of some sort. More complexity, more weight,more stuff to break . Dumb.

    2wd is where it's at. Cheaper, lighter, less to break. And much more sideways fun.

    And no they are not in the same class. What area are you in? You need to check the rulebook for whatever series you would run.
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    You are in the wrong place. Special stage is basically dead. Need to go to Facebook North America rally for help. First you need to read the rules for the sanctioning body you are going to compete in. Next volunteer st some events to learn. Then read rules again and again. There are really no production classes in the us. Now read again then buy an already built and log booked 2 WD car and rally it. Otherwise you might be years from competing. A geo tracker is a baaaad choice. No truck classes either. Good luck
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