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    I've been lurking on here forever, and I've never made this post. Figured that I should before the world ends.

    Being from Central NY my first event was Black River Stages 2009. Having a family camp local to the event made it easy to spectate and we did that each September for a few years. Illegally shredding snowy roads on a nightly basis 4-5 months out of the year made me ask myself if they do this rally stuff on snow... With a quick YouTube search I found a spectator video edit from Sno*Drift. That all it took, I immediately called and booked a room at the Atlanta Motel that same night, and a few months later loaded up after class and drove out to Michigan my first snow event. That was in January of 2011, and I have yet to miss a S*D since then. I became more involved in rally towards the end of college in 2014-15ish. With some liquid courage at a rally after party in Maine I volunteered to crew for pretty well known privateer team and a couple weeks later I was on a plane to Northern Minnesota for Ojibwe. Since then I've probably crewed for 30 or events with 5-6 different teams. I always knew I wanted a car of my own, and finally had the time, space and funds to do so. In May of 2019 I purchased a well built, used, Open Light Impreza. I stripped it down to a glorified bare shell, and returned all the fancy & expensive bits that I couldn't afford to upkeep or replace to the owner. Over the course of a few months I cleaned up, updated, and refinished the car and built myself a nicely equipped, budget friendly, clean & simple NA4wd car. Ran S*D 2020 as my first event and have been patiently waiting for the next one.

    And now here we are, just waiting...

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    Sounds like you are off to a solid start.
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