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    Hello everyone,

    I'm a newcomer on this forum, originally from Kansas, but I now work in Russia. I'm here because I'm planning to come back to the US of A and get another post in my company there as soon as the epidemic's over, and now that I'm not broke anymore, I thought about going back into offroad driving. I used to love doing that with my older brother on our grandfather's truck between corn fields back when we were teenagers, and that's a great memory I've been thinking about more and more often over the last few months, so why not?

    But the issue is that apart from getting our hands on Granddad's old Ford truck and go make it look even more beaten up than before, I don't know much about that. And that's why I'm here! See you on the forums.

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    Unfortunately the rally forums are pretty dead....but currently still up and running so at least you can go back and read old posts and search and whatnot.

    Look here(duh) www.specialstage.com

    Here www.rallyanarchy.com (skip the fighting posts-or laugh at them as i do)

    And even here-although Subi-centric www.dirally.com

    Then volunteer at rallies and hang with rally people as much as possible.
    .................................................. .....................

    Support your Local North American Rally Forum!!

    While they are still around-and get the hell off Farsebook!!

    We still have Specialstage & RallyAnarchy.

    Post up Here:


    and here:



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    Thanks for the info! Yeah, forums are kinda slow these days, but it still beats Facebook and other platforms with no way to access data posted before yesterday... Thanks for the resources!

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