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    Talking Newbie to Rallying

    Hi, this is Mike Cohen and I am finally getting to partaking in rally racing. I have been off-road and road racing the last 25 years and have been a HUGE fan of rallying back to the Killer B days.

    I am out west and looking to participate in the CRS / NASA events and others in this region. I am a little disappointed to see how the activity has dropped off lately. However, this is not only happening in rallying, but motorsports in general.

    Any guidance as to where I should be looking, reading, posting would be greatly appreciated. I would like to acquire or build a RWD rally car to help my Godson out with his gravel skills for off-road racing on high speed roads. I really like Toyota's as I have a few built 4AGE's left over from desert and short course off-road racing. I am open to a Truck as well.


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    Welcome . Yes it’s too bad about the forums slowing down so much. Check this site out, and as well. It’s dead over there, actually even deader, but both sites have a lot of info if you search older posts. And if you post up eventually you’ll get an answer -usually.

    So you are off road raced trucks? And what did you Road race?
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    Support your Local North American Rally Forum!!

    While they are still around-and get the hell off Farsebook!!

    We still have Specialstage & RallyAnarchy.

    Post up Here:

    and here:


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    Welcome aboard dear.

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