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    I am sorry if this is in the wrong forum. If so please delete and I will move to the correct forum. But, I know there is a couple of Rally Schools on the East Coast. Tim O'Neals and The Firm. Which is better to attend? I am closer to The Firm than I am Tim O'Neal. Should I even take a course. I am planning on taken a course at Carolina Motorsports Park only because it is cheap and will at least get me some seat time on a race track other than a Drag Strip.

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    It depends. How much $$ do you have?

    Bryn at the Firm is awesome. I have taken two day course there. However, it is mostly flat course there. Tim O'Neal does have some hills and crests. I think that it is more beneficial long term as most rallies are not flat.

    I do recommend to take at least 1 day course. It will give you experience and understanding of car control.

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    In terms of rally schools in N America, there is simply no comparison between team O'Neil and the rest. O'Neil offers FWD/RWD and AWD. They have over 6 miles of unduplicated roads, 600 ft of elevation change etc. etc. Look up Team O'Neil on YouTube and see what they cover on each day of a full five day course.

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    ^ You think Tim is better than Dirt Fish?

    I am planning to go to a school next year for vacation.

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