Looking for Built/Log Booked Rally Car
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Thread: Looking for Built/Log Booked Rally Car

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    Unhappy Looking for Built/Log Booked Rally Car

    It seems like back in the early 2000s built rally cars were always on sale through the forums, but now that I can actually afford to enter the sport the market has dried up.

    Everyone says buy a built car when you're starting out, but it looks like diy is the only real way to get into the sport now.

    Are there any other websites or forums I should be checking? Thanks in advance.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Facebook page North America rally and North America rally for sell page.

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    if You turn on PM option i'll send You a message.
    my car is not for sale yet, but will be in 2-3 weeks

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    The facebook group shared is a good one besides here. Sometimes bring a trailer. There is this car for sale. It'll finish and you can put it on podium. https://www.specialstage.com/forums/...tage-rally-car

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    would you be interested in a Mk1 Focus? caged and logged. built NA 2.3L motor ~240hp. short ratio gearbox. DMS 50mm gravel coilovers with tarmac or gravel springs. tarmac and gravel wheels. all the fixin's. located in SoCal. please PM me if interested.

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    Hi Ray, I saw you post and I have a car that may interest you. It's a 2004 Subaru STi. I have it up in Vancouver BC. Car has a logbook and has finished 1st several times. I'll include.my listing which is in Canadian dollars. Car was originally a US car but was built and logbooked up here in Canada. http://www.racing.ca/?section=view_p...uction%20class

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