🚨 NOW AVAILABLE 🚨 Flood Optic for Stage Series LED Light Bars!
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Thread: 🚨 NOW AVAILABLE 🚨 Flood Optic for Stage Series LED Light Bars!

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    Default 🚨 NOW AVAILABLE 🚨 Flood Optic for Stage Series LED Light Bars!

    Flood Optic for Stage Series LED Light Bars | Diode Dynamics

    For 2019, we’re excited to introduce our new Flood Optic for the Stage Series line! Unlike generic "flood" light optics that are simply a heavily diffused spotlight, our flood optic is a true optically designed spread, designed to provide an extremely even and uniform beam pattern. With a full 80x50 degree spread of light, our Flood Optic delivers the biggest spread in the industry!

    Recommended for: Anything at low speeds, including backup or reverse lights, lighting up job sites, navigating rough terrain, and loading trailers at night.

    All Stage Series LED Light Bars combine high-intensity Lumileds LED chips with our exclusive total internal reflection (TIR) technology, making the total intensity of Stage Series Light Bars FAR higher than generic light bars. Cheap LED light bars lose light internally, and to glare, spreading a little bit of light in every direction. By comparison, the TIR technology in Stage Series Light Bars collects all of the light from the LED, and directs it only where you need it, drastically improving functional light output.

    Stage Series Light Bars are available in 6", 12", 18", 30", 42", and 50" sizes, and can be mounted to any vehicle using either the included universal mounts, or a custom solution. If your vehicle requires an application-specific mounting solution, use our Dealer Locator tool to find a professional installer near you!

    Have questions about Stage Series Light Bars, or any other lighting upgrades? Contact us today! And check out all the LED upgrades we offer for your vehicle with our Vehicle Finder tool!
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