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Every year at least half the field are new drivers, often in new builds, and we never see them again.
By age I would be considered a "geezer."

I have lived the rally "lifestyle" so to speak for years. From humble beginnings to more, off for a bit for college, back in, off for a bit while road racing and back in until I finally packed it in 40 years after the first rally.

What I find interesting is that people believe they want to go rallying, then give it up in a year or three at most. It is really not that hard, although it takes some dedication and focus. Perhaps that dedication and focus is missing?

How do people get interested in rallying anyway? Video games? Perhaps too, video games are misrepresenting the real life.

The thrill of barrelling down a stage road is real, and addictive for a very few. Most find other, more easy or less challenging things to excel at.

Remember, there are only 15% of humans that lead, and 85% that just go with the flow, are complacent and follow. Rally is for the 15%.