2002 WRX (STI) RallyCross+ DD for sale, almost ready for RallySprint & Stage Rally
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Thread: 2002 WRX (STI) RallyCross+ DD for sale, almost ready for RallySprint & Stage Rally

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    Back on the FOR SALE wagon!
    PLEASE EMAIL me at [email protected] if you are interested - I don't get messages automatically through this forum.

    LOWERED PRICE FROM $25,000 TO $12,999
    In short, this is a heavily-upgraded 2002 Subaru WRX Wagon in World Rally Blue with a Clean Title.
    It has a new STI engine with forged internals and was designed to win RallyCross, and RallySprint or Stage Rally with some safety upgrades (cage, restraints).
    Upgrades would require a number of pages to list, but in short, pretty much everything has been replaced with something better. It does still have stock appearance externally and stock interior because I preferred that look, and spent the nearly $40,000 it took to build this on the important things.
    It is still streetable and passes emissions, but it really was meant for going faster than is legal on the road.
    Comes with summer wheels/tires (pictured) and winter tires/wheels (not pictured). Braid Acropolis wheels with Hankook gravel rally tires cost extra.
    Full details of build can be seen at:
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    Someone wants to get a new race car before race season starts back up!

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    Still for sale?

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    I am very sorry to those of you who messaged me directly. I did not get notified of inbox messages nor responses to this thread. So PLEASE EMAIL me at [email protected] if you are interested.
    Since listing this, I raced it once at the NW Rallycross @ Dirtfish this summer.
    I anticipate it will sit again for another full year, though I occasionally start and test-drive it around the neighborhood just to make sure it's happy.
    I put a new skidplate on it (because I lost the last one), and replaced the windshield as well (vandalism).
    I just don't have time for this in my life anymore. Someone take it off my hands.

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