AWD Protege suspension uprights/brakes/struts/springs (free)
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Thread: AWD Protege suspension uprights/brakes/struts/springs (free)

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    Default AWD Protege suspension uprights/brakes/struts/springs (free)

    Years ago when I had a Protege project I replaced the suspension uprights with parts off of a 323 GT-R. I'm finally cleaning out my garage and have some parts looking for a new home. Happy to give them away free to someone who can use them. All I ask is that you either pick them up in the greater Seattle/Vancouver area or pay for shipping.

    I'm not sure if anyone is still rallying with these cars but they might be useful as spares. I'm happy to separate the uprights from the springs and struts or brakes if you don't want to ship everything.

    I also have the center diff locker motor off this car if anyone is interested.
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    Please e-mail me at [email protected], with a list of any GTX or GTR parts available, if you have any in your piles. Or even Protege parts that may retrofit. I have recently purchased an 88' GTX and am planning on building it for TSD and road rallies due to its rarity and fragility of the transmission. I would love to modify what I can with what is available, and would gladly pay for shipping plus your time for boxing, and transport. Thank you.
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