A New Old Guy Who Loves Sliding Cars on Forest Roads
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Thread: A New Old Guy Who Loves Sliding Cars on Forest Roads

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    Default A New Old Guy Who Loves Sliding Cars on Forest Roads

    Hello All,

    I've been around racing my entire life, won races, won championships, been in the hospital a few times because of it but it's worth it. Former midget and sprint car guy but now racing a vintage Formula Car at vintage races around the country. Don't laugh, when they drop the green, its real racing! I'm a young, 66 Year old retired and I want to buy/rent/drive a rally car. I went to the 100 Acre Wood Rally and i cant get it out of my mind.

    What's my next step?


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    Welcome aboard. Good to see you here. Great site with lots of information, though you have to use the search feature a lot, as the site is not nearly as active as it was years ago.

    The vintage racing is definitely still real racing, and no one will give you friction over it here. My boss has the Brabham that came in second place in the 72' F2 championship, and races it in both PDX and vintage races, along with an FF, a FA, and a FC. On top of that he has a Caterham SP300R, and an Elise track car. Even though he is in hos 60's as well, he is extremely competitive and a very good driver.

    Never let the age fool you. You are only as old as you feel.
    Because Racecar...

    The first rule of Racecar, is that we do not talk about Racecar.

    "Absolutely Not! No. Rally racing is a back alley sport, filled with jackals, headhunters, and thugs." - Pops Racer.

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    Welcome to the looney bin.

    How about expanding your location to be a bit more specific. USA doesn't narrow it much...

    Read the stickies. Come to an event and volunteer to work and see how things work. Work tech, work a stage (marshall, controls). Get your ham license. Crew for some of us.

    Above all, have fun!

    Press on,
    just a poor, dumb, Michigan(now Wisconsin) navie

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    Half my time is in Southern Illinois and the other half is Southern California.

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    Who doesn't love sliding around in the dirt Welcome!

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