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    Quote Originally Posted by thesaberoftron View Post
    I'd really like to get working on the next one..
    I mean hey, if you want to sell it crazy cheap to a young law student then I'd take it off your hands

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    What's crazy cheap? Why don't you pm me.

    Anyone want it for 6000? Why won't this car sell?

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    Are people afraid of the grandfathered cage? I've been reading the ARA rules and FIA appendix J section 253 and it made me nervous. The ARA passage about additional cage elements required for 1/1/2020 combined with the passage in article 8 about cage modifications being forbidden were concerning to me.

    Perhaps someone with more tech knowledge could weigh in?

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    I had no worries with the cage when I bought it, it was grandfathered. This has been discussed in the Facebook group and checked with tech. This car has sufficiently sized bars so nothing needs to be replaced. What needs to be added is a X or V roof section. Also a windshield vertical bar on each side. I've attached a picture of the two additions that need to be done. I am motivated to get this car sold and on to the next one. People quoted under $500 to have a shop do it.
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    This is only Ara. Nrs and ra do not require the additions. I've been told multiple times that bar additions are allowed but any removal and replacement require a reissue of logbook.

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    Has this car been sold? Jus curious because it has been up here for so long?

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    It is still available.

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    This car is turn key! Itll be at cup this weekend if you want to see it.

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