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    For sale is a 1990 Eagle Talon built in 2005 with a current Rally America logbook grand fathered cage and 2wd light Fwd 2.0 nonturbo. This car finished 3rd in class at both regional at Ojibwe 2017. It finished 2nd overall and 2nd in class with 2 of 8 stage wins at Central UP 2018. It is Erik Hills old car and I know it ended up in podium with him too. This car is ready to go racing.

    This car was run fairly regularly from 2005-2011 when it was bought and taken apart. It then sat until 2016 when I bought it and put it back together and ran two rallys with it. I am selling to build my own newer car.

    It has an updated front end to 1g non-pop up. It has 1/4 inch front and rear plate skid plates. Grandfathered cage with temple bars, no roof cross bars, and single door bars. Has a switch panel for lights, radiator fan, accessory power, and windows. Terratrip intercom.

    Items new with one rally on them:
    Sabelts good till 2022
    Omp regular and large TRS-E seats good till 2023
    Federal 185 gravels ran 100 miles with used Oz wheels
    N/a clutch and lightweight flywheel plate on used fidanza flywheel
    Diode dynamics 30 inch light bar
    Front brakes
    Front wheel bearings
    Front control arms
    Used n/a fwd transmission
    Long wheel studs
    Oil pump

    Items with two rallys on them:
    Helmet hammock
    Fire extinguishers
    Tablet mount
    Bluetooth GPS unit
    Power unit for powering GPS, tablet, etc.
    Spill kit
    First aid kit
    Exhaust header
    Poly motor mounts
    Red top battery
    Motor rebuild
    OMP wheel with weld on quick release
    Timing belt kit

    Other items unknown rallys:
    Terratrip intercom pro
    Hotbits suspension
    Steel braided brake lines
    Roof vent
    Oil and coolant gauges
    Spare steely and gravel
    Front strut bar
    Hard wired single radiator fan

    Spares/included parts:
    4 old worn gravels on Toyota(?) Rims
    8 Snows on rims with good tread
    2 worn all seasons on rims used for street driving and towing behind dolly
    Random motor mounts
    3 doors
    3 bumpers
    2 fenders
    2 starters
    Coil pack
    O2 sensor
    2 same sensors
    Turbo trans and used clutch
    2 used n/a clutchs
    1 likely good n/a trans in pieces
    1 n/a trans with bad secondary(?) Gear in pieces
    Popup headlights
    Box of random bolts
    Coolant and oil gauge
    2 MAF sensors
    air filter
    Valves, springs, and rollers for one head
    Oil pump
    Water pump
    New aluminum floor mats
    4 radiator fans
    Good shape gas tank
    Stockish header
    Driver side axle
    Both front knuckles
    Both front control arms
    A bunch of poly mounts
    Numerous other parts I can't remember

    Things that could be fixed and might be depending how much time I have:
    We lost a wiper for part of a stage so a light buffable scratch on passenger side

    Price is starting at $6,500. Spare/new parts can be negotiated for a lower price within reason. I'm building a different model so not many can reused. Located near Green Bay, WI. Email is likely best: [email protected]

    Pictures here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/tretsral...14511611970392
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    Bump.. $8,500

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    Is it front or all wheel drive?


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    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    Is it front or all wheel drive?

    i don't mean to sound like an asshole but he stated it in the very first line
    it says: "2wd" and "Fwd" meaning (Two) Front wheel drive

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    Still for sale.

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    I'd rather not part this car out, someone buy it.. $6500

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    This is still for sale..

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    I'd really like to get working on the next one..

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