1998 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS Open Light
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Thread: 1998 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS Open Light

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    Default 1998 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS Open Light

    Location: Denver, CO
    Price: $8,500
    Pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/9jK8UeNHsbO0J8k13

    Moving to a Fiesta so I need to sell my open light car. Car is a 1998 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS. I bought it a little over 4 years ago. Raced it the last 2 ish years. In total it has 15 events on it (5 are from me). It has a NASA logbook but has passed Rally America and ARA tech. Unsure on the chassis mileage as the previous owner swapped engines and gauge clusters. This engine has ~85K on it.

    I will be keeping the Racetech seat and back brace as those are going into the new build. The downside of this is the mount is made for the racetech bracket. The narrower cobra seat does not fit the holes. I'm including the spare Cobra Suzuka so if you want to use that you'll have to drill new holes in the mount.

    We had an off at STPR last year. Went wide into a ditch and a rock kicked us up onto the side, shearing off the rear left damper. Mostly body damage, cage was ok. Rear quarter took the brunt. We replaced the subframe, lateral links, brake line and damper. Afterwards we nearly completed Rally Wyoming but broke the right front damper 2 stages from the end. I don't think there was any frame damage and I didn't notice any odd handling. The front control arms should likely be replaced as the caster has always been out of spec (measured before the off). The drivers front frame rail has also been pulled due to a minor off where we tapped a tree in Ojibwe (DNF'd that day due to an alternator failure though).
    The battery box also almost nearly ripped out during Wyoming but that has been re-welded.

    The main one that comes to mind is there is occasionally inconsistent brake stiffness. Sometimes it seems to lose the booster and go to manual. My suspicion is there is a vacuum leak somewhere but I haven't had time to track it down. It will rarely do something similar with the clutch where it only has half travel.
    Also there sometimes is a shudder that comes from the rear when starting from a stop. I don't notice it on gravel, only on pavement. Feathering the clutch seems to lessen this a bunch. I thought it was warn bushings but after doing the Group Ns all around and the diff brace it still occured.
    It also drinks a bit of oil.

    '99 Engine
    K sport gravel dampers
    Primitive Racing skidplate front and rear
    Beatrush rear diff support bar
    Wires and mounts for a Lazer light bar (I'll be keeping the waterproof connectors though)
    Cobra Sebring Pro-Fit
    Cobra Suzuka Pro (this is in place of the Racetech)
    Schroth Profi II-6H belts (exp 2020)
    2x fire extinguishers
    Terratrip 101
    Map light
    Mishimoto radiator
    Primitive Racing roof scoop/vent
    OMP WRC Wheel
    Cage by Pierce Motorsports (battery box, driver's seat mount and patches done by 3R Racing)
    Rear left window is lexan
    New fuel tank and pump (only 2 rallies on them)
    Newish Optima yellow top (2 rallies and always has been trickle charged)
    Newish V-band clamp on the exhaust

    Accessory belt (new)
    Alternator (used)
    Brake pads (full set)
    Brake rotors (2x front, 2x rear)
    Front lower control arms (L & R, new)
    Front lower control arm rear bushing (L & R, new)
    Lower control arm bushing (new)
    Oil filter
    Outer tie rod end (new)
    Rear front lateral link (used)
    Rear rear left lateral link (used)
    Spark plugs
    Tie rod rack end (new)
    Trailing arm (used)
    Wheel hub (rear I think?)
    Assorted group N bushings (some are on bent lateral links)
    Rear subframe with a bent control arm mount (could bend back or at least salvage the group N bushings from it)
    Full set of K-sport gravel dampers. One has a broken top mount. Maybe half have bent lower mounts. Spares of these from Ksport are ~$150/pair I think.

    - 4x 15x7 silver Methods with soft Dmacks in good condition (on the car)
    - 4x 15x7 black Methods with medium Pirellis (175/70). 2 are in good condition and hold air. 1 has a puncture somewhere but the sidewall *appears* fine. The other has a ripped sidewall. One wheel has a chip that happened the first rally. Another (the one with the tire with the ripped sidewall) has a slight bend in the wheel but I'd wager it will still hold air. These also have metal valve stems
    - 4x Volk something or other that shouldn't be gravel wheels with badly worn Dmacks. One hit a rock and bent the lip on the wheel but surprisingly it still holds air. Used these as practice tires/wheels.
    - 4x 15x6 black Team Dynamics wheels that only ever had winter tires on them. These saw *maybe* 20 street miles. Still look brand new.

    I think that's the bulk of it. Let me know if you have any questions or want pics of specific things.

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    Battery box has been re-welded

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Price dropped to $9,500

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    Price drop to $8,500

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    Still for sale?

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    Is this still available?

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    Yep this is still available

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    Still available?

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    Yep it's still available!

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    Is it still available?

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