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Thread: Regular Maintenance intervals for new rallyist, plus starter questions

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    Correct. Mine is the hydraulic clutch, with cable shift. If you can find a gear ratio code chart on-line, my box and spare are "EGT" coded.
    Because Racecar...

    The first rule of Racecar, is that we do not talk about Racecar.

    "Absolutely Not! No. Rally racing is a back alley sport, filled with jackals, headhunters, and thugs." - Pops Racer.

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    I set tire pressure close to 22 on smooth/snowy events and on gravel 25-28/22 front/rear as other guys said and it depends on how rough the surface is and how fast You're going.
    depends on how hot weather is as well. also if You set it 30 in cold tire then by the end of long stage it'll be 40 psi in hot tire and there will be no traction whatsoever.
    (my Mini Cooper and now Fiesta weight pretty much as VW. Subaru was heavier and so was the tire pressure accordingly)
    I use Amsoil synthetic and change it alone with oil filter after couple of (finished lol) events especially if i do reckoning in a rally car.
    But check after the rally to see if it's dirty and it might need change after single event depends on how worn the engine is/
    modern timing belts are pretty tough and hard to break so changing interval can be the same as on a street car unless there's oil leaking and dirt getting under the t.b. cover
    though i have yet to see the engine that lasts that long w/out pulling it out and rebuilding.
    checking all the usual suspects such as brakes, tie rods, ball joints and wheel bearings is a must.

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