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Thread: Miata vs MR2 for Rallycross

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    Default Miata vs MR2 for Rallycross

    I need some help, and I will be posting this on a few different threads, seeing how some haven't had a poster on them in over a year...

    I am a high school senior and went to Team O'Neil's Rally School last summer and caught the rally bug. As of right now, rallycross seems like the cheapest way to go. There are two cars for sale near me locally, a 1986 Toyota MK1 MR2, and a NA Miata. I already have a daily driver, so practicallity is not really an issue, but I would prefer to be able to drive to and from the rallycross, and not need a trailer/dolly. I have not been able to get a close look at either car yet, so I know rust might be an issue. All that I really care about is how cheap parts will be, what will be the most reliable, and what will be the most competitive in the NER rallycross.

    Bottom line is that any insight will be greatly appreciated, and all are welcome to throw in their two cents on this one.

    Thank you all!

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    In my very humble and noobie opinion, I would not go with either of them for Rally sprints or true stage rally. Once a cage is installed, there is just no room. But for Rallycross, the Miata basically wins everywhere, all of the time, in Stock rear, and does very well in Prepared rear. On top of that, you can autocross it as well with just shock setting, and tire changes. That doubles your seat time behind the wheel. Also, the Miata has tons of aftermarket support, and spares are a dime a dozen at wrecking yards.
    Good luck, and welcome aboard. NER is full of events, so you will have a very eventful year with them.
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    Thank you very much for the quick response! I was thinking the same myself, the huge aftermarket for the Miata is definitely a huge advantage. But on the other hand, it's something about that mid engine that gets me haha. I recently lerned that dust inhalation is a big problem with the MR2 well there's another point to the Miata!

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