Lake Michigan Rally Sprint 2017 and Test Days 2 and 3
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Thread: Lake Michigan Rally Sprint 2017 and Test Days 2 and 3

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    Default Lake Michigan Rally Sprint 2017 and Test Days 2 and 3

    Because of this years successful rally test and tune in Muskegon MI. We are planning 3 more events!

    2 test and tunes 5/6/2017 and 11/4/2017
    1 Rally Sprint! 6/3/2017

    Test and tunes will be on the same 2.4 mile loop.

    Rally sprint will have 2 or 3 stages (1 stage may have to be split to 2), approx. total of 40 stage miles and includes recce, parc expose etc.

    Preview of the Rally spring stage is up at

    As before we need volunteers for all events.

    Hope to see you there.

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    Test and Tune May 6 registration is open!

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    Your Rally Sprint is more a Coefficient 2 rally. Minimum mileage for Coefficient 2 is generally 35 miles with less than 35 miles and multiple stages a Coefficient 1 rally. Rally Sprints generally have only a single stage run multiple times, no transits and oftentimes without a co-driver or notes. Not sure who you are planning on sanctioning your event but, suggest you check out the rules as you may be violating some of the rally sprint rules depending on the sanctioning body.
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