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    Hi guys. I know this is kind of poor form. But I am hoping that someone can fill me in on the roads that were used for the Frazier Mtn Rally? I live in the area and I am curious to check it out. I promise I won't drive stupid or do anything to jeopardise relations with the forest service and future use of the area.
    Thank you!

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    Not sure of the rules for frazier mountain but, most rallies have a rule against any competitors driving the rally roads before or after the event. So, don't expect to get any response and if you are caught out there on the roads even driving 5 mph, you will most likely be banned from competing on the event.
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    GRR 2.15. as follows: "Practicing in
    the area of an event is barred for a period of 90 days prior to the event date. Practicing is defined as traveling over stage roads on the rally route as driver or passenger in any vehicle."

    I was just curious to check it out. I have no intention of being irresponsible or getting an unfair advantage. Thanks anyways.

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