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    Video from 2 rounds of the NEZ Formula Offroad Championship 2017 in Ler, Norway! These guys are completely crazy with their up to 1000HP cars and at one point in the video it looks like a scene from Jurassic Park when Tor-Egil Thorland drives back out from the bushes after rolling 3-4 times!

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    Video from Motordag Lillehammer last weekend with some drifting, rallycars, autoslalom and even an RC plane

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    The last round in the Norwegian Championship and the first time a 17' WRC has been driven in a National rally in Norway with Mads ōstberg and Emil Axelsson. They call the stage with the jumps little Ouninpohja, you don't need to guess why

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    My highlights from 2017! Only did 7 events this year but the ones i did were really good!

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    Thought i should re-edited the video from Rally Norway 2009!
    One of the best rallies I've been to and the conditions were perfect! Also quite nice to have a WRC rally 20 min from home
    Some servicepark and podium footage at the end and even an US flag, anyone here maybe? Not often you see that!

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    Video from Rally Finnskog with Mads ōstberg and Henning Solberg among the regulars

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    Mads ōstberg and Torstein Eriksen testing the CitroŽn C3 WRC for the first time in Malung before Rally Sweden next weekend.
    Big thanks to CitroŽn Racing for providing some amazing onboard!

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    thanks for putting up these links!

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    My video from another great Rally Sweden!
    A bit more challenging finding good places with the tall snowbanks but it looks really cool when the drivers are using them, a bit too much sometimes...

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    Some video from a hillclimb this weekend close to the Olympic City Lillehammer

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