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    New to rallying, just got into it recently. I will eventually need a car to rally so if anybody has suggestions for models or makes I will happily accept them. Most importantly, does anyone know of roads in Washington (Olympia, Seattle, Tacoma area) that are ideal for rally practice? I know forest service roads are plentiful, but the rangers write fat tickets.

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    You DO NOT practice on ANY public roads!!! The only places you can practice are on private roads where you get permission from the owners of the property. It is difficult enough for rallies to be able to get permissions to use roads and practicing on public roads makes life much more difficult to get permissions for roads to hold rallies.

    You comment regarding rangers writing fat tickets is only a small reason NOT to use ANY public roads for practicing. These roads are open to the public and you would be creating hazardous conditions on those roads by practicing on them. Dirt Fish is a private facility where you may be able to practice and STAY OFF OF PUBLIC ROADS. No public roads are available for you to practice. Please, please don't be the one who causes an organized rally to lose the roads they have cultivated with the authorities by racing unsafely!!!

    You first need to get out to an event and ask questions and see how everything runs. Volunteer for a rally and volunteer as a service crew. Most importantly read all the rules and check out Rally University. We are a friendly bunch and will help as much as possible. Recommending cars or models is extremely difficult without knowing your abilities or bank account. Recommend you start with 2WD so check out the cars currently competing as that will give you a good idea of where parts are available. First read, read, read and get out to a local event. Baby steps. Practicing is way down the list. Go to a rally driving school, Team O'Neil is best for 2WD Good luck,
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    You could also come out to the various rallycrosses. It won't get you "real road" experience, but it will let you do a bit of practicing in a controlled environment and for a reasonable fee too. There is one this weekend at Chehalis. Oregon Rally Group puts on rallyx in Oregon and Southern Washington and the Northwest Rally Association (I think I got that right) puts them on in the Seattle area and soon to also be in Southern Washington

    Or would those be western central Washington? Whatever, in Washington and not far off of I5
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