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    Default Build or Buy?

    I have a 2014 STi that I can either build it into a rally car or sell it and try to find a used rally ready car. Any suggestions?

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    i guess the question really is what do you want to do. if you dream is to run RA events then sell it and buy an open light car.if you plan to run with a sanctioning body that allows novices with turbos then the question is really how do you value your time... if you just want to race then its quicker to buy a car. if you appreciate the build and knowing everything about your car then build..

    Im also making an assumption based on only having 2 posts that you are new to rally.

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    Do this;

    Think (and tell us) what will you do 1.4 miles into the 2nd SS when you went wide, clipped a rock and flipped the car nose over and 1 1/2 rolls?

    Are you a rich trustfund guy? Car paid off? TV star?

    In most of the world most people except the few sons of millionaires start in older cars that they can beat to death..Cheap--but fun---2wd cars.
    And worldwide all thru history the overwhelming majority--well over 85% start in RWD, so why start in a nearly new car?
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    Probably a good route to go is to do the exact opposite of JVL. He doesn't know anything worth listening to.

    You should buy whatever gets you out on stage quickest if your goal is to race. You should build something if you actually don't care about racing and like to wrench, as the project will take twice as long and cost twice as much as you budget for. The final piece of advice is to not buy anything from John, as you'll probably end up waiting a year or so for it with spotty communication. Or at least, so I've heard

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    Actually john occasionally has a good idea but he just can't express himself very well. What he is trying to say is that rally, like racing is very expensive. So don't get in over your head. Adam is correct also, buying a ready built car will get you on stage quicker. Also, check the rules for what car type you can start in. Rally America limits new comers to lower powered vehicles unless you have other relevant experience. Also, you are close to Team O'Neil so look them up.

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    Yes, I am new to rally. Going to Team O'Neil in a few days for their 5 day program. Then the plan after that is to get a car (buy or build still not sure; most probably buy since it saves me more money but not sure) and maybe go to one of the NASA West Coast events, maybe the Prescott one, but I also need to find a team which is a different story. Then going away for a while and coming back sometime in January. Then plan is to go racing as much as possible since I will not have anything to do; I just graduated and will not be going back until next August probably.

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    You got a point, but I want to start in AWD since that's what I want to race. I am leaning towards selling it since it has low mileage and can get me good return. Then buy a used car. Do you know what is the procedure of getting a car from Europe since I have done my research and found better cars for better value all over Europe.

    No, I am not a TV star, and yeah my car is paid off.

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    Probably going to buy one ready. From where should I look for cars that are worth buying. If I sell my car, I will have money to spend on a relatively new Impreza since it is better to have a non turbo as a first car for costs and to get the hang of it. I have been looking in these forums and most of the cars and pretty beat up or old. And the others are the turbo ones.

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    Being in the South west there are a lot of NASA events so the restrictions RA puts on new folk won't be as much of an issue. The cost of building your STi will be the same as any other car. Figure 3-4K for a cage, 1K for seats and belts upwards, suspension 2-6k, lots of other stuff to buy and it adds up pretty fast. Your car will not be any better and will trash just as quickly as a much cheaper car. I would sell the new one and buy an older Sube and go Open Light ...serious competition among those guys. Running for any other reason than the joy of being out there and the people you will meet is foolhardy. You won't get rich and famous in our sport. You could be all in for 12K if you shop wisely..there are several OL cars for sale right now OR you could spend 12K on your STi and be in it a bunch when finished. You can always turbo the platform later if desired.

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    Like mentioned, start with old and cheap, at least for a race or two before diving in head on. If you trash it, aren't out much, and if you still love the sport and find it challenging enough to continue pursuing, and still want a newer car, going to be able to sell it for exactly (or more!) than what you paid for it. Old rally cars (especially subarus in the US) are like that.
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