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    Quote Originally Posted by dunhamr1 View Post
    Woah woah, lets hold our horses. The guy hasn't said that he wants to be the next WRC star, and seems pretty grounded and is asking legitimate questions. Let's not bloody up his thread with the "change the subie fanboy's mind" party line, we can go to any other intro thread to Sr see that.

    We can see that he's selling his grass-o-cross Bimmer and is looking to buy a sorted stage car. He seems serious and is listening, lets help him out not scare him off battling about things that happened a long time ago.
    Sure but maybe you missed this:
    After I complete a full season of rally and depending how well I do, I would move to Europe for a couple years to compete there in a series.
    I'm already looking for potential company's to sponsor me for advertising their business and am making a professional presentation to use when pitching the idea to them.
    I'm already organizing a crew and co driver so im trying to do everything possible to help before I can get the car.
    Is there any more advice y'all have for me? What to do and how to do it?

    Anything will help, just need some guidance so I can plan this out better.
    Trying to get him to realise it is not "a season" or 'a couple of years"... Its either get millions to buy a ride and learn or a few decades..and that costsa lotta money too.

    And of course get him to think realistically if the idea itself is sensible or even fun...
    Before he gets the "you can do anything you want as long as you really wish for it" fair tale BS..or more of it I should say.

    And to get him to understand car motorsports is all about making somebody rich...Nobody gives anything away unless there are SOLID dollars (or Euros) and cents reasons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Woodby View Post
    Hi everyone, I just turned 18 this month and have decided that I am now overly addicted to rally and want to get into it ASAP!. I raced motorcycles the last year and decided to move on to something else exciting and fun. Currently I have a 1993 BMW 325is, that I traded for, which has stripped interior, race seats, and coilovers. I'm planning on attending the lone star rally cross even on June 4th in the car but I was just wondering if it's a good car to put in the time and money to make a stage car? Or should I buy a already prepared and log booked rally car? I plan on making rally racing my life and devoting pretty much all my time and money into it so I need some guidance on what to do and what direction to take.
    Sweet i made it my life for a while too and it was some of my best years

    just focus on keeping it a sustainable Hobby and you'll stay happy.

    you need to get your finances back to Zero before each rally (or much better yet a plus)

    I have several years of experience of doing it Right

    and i have several years of experience doing it Wrong.

    When i did things right, i would pay for each rally Entry with money from my bank account, navigator covered hotel and crew booze. the rest of the costs i would pay for on my credit card. and then i would pay off the credit card, repair the car, BEFORE entering the next rally.

    Life was good, i often raced 4 weekends a month (Stage Rally, Rally cross, auto cross) in that order of preference.

    I had one rally where i drove the car there, camped at a KOA camp ground won my class for Day 1, car was parc firme and i had to get a local to give me a ride back to my camp site where my navigator had his car.. LoL the local was a waitress at the bar , we had to wait until they closed.. LoL
    won the 2nd day, had to drive navi back to pick up his car from parc firme. then back to after party at hotels, then back to our camp site.

    it was probably my 2nd most epic rally experience to date. it was cheap and it was really fun. (car was FWD at the time with 110 hp)
    then i reached for more than my wallet could support. bought a set of coilovers on a credit card, entered a rally before paying a single cent of that off. then i got the bright idea to introduce the GF to rally and pay her way .. Credit card debt rose even more.
    then i tried to treat my friends and i paied for their gas while letting them drive seperate cars (more of the GFs idea) Bought some go fast parts (1 of which is still not installed 4 years later) again on the CC.

    then the CC got declined, it was at its limit. oooh shit.

    then i had to stop fixing damage to the car and just entering with it broken. (broken front lsd for example)

    then the motor blew up, and i was out of money , except for that negative money stuff.

    Life was bad

    The key is to really know what you can afford and stick to it tightly.

    My car is faster now, and sets much better stage times. I'm not sure if its really anymore fun, might be slightly less fun actually.

    before i was flat on the gas nearly everywhere, always always praying the car would some how go faster, feeling i had a great performace while finishing maybe 7th or 10th out of 50.

    Now i'm not flat on the gas as much, often find myself hoping to hear a low note (L3?) while i'm doing 100 mph, finishing 5th out of 50 and feeling that i could have done better, should have done better.

    all for an increase price tag in up keep too! the car isn't at drift able as it was before due to the setup / power level, so more of the fun has to come from out performing others, . my tires wear faster than they did before, so do the brakes. crashing or having offs at just 10 mph faster seems to make a big difference in how much i have to spend to fix stuff.

    also how far off the road you end up, and how easily you get back on.

    I had a 4 minute lead on the last running of north nevada rally on day 2 and went so far off the road i had to wait for swept and i was time barred. Arg

    now i'm going to rebuild the car to be more Fun , the right diffs so i can throttle over steer and make line corrections with out losing my drift. also a transmission with better gearing.

    whether my stage times are better or worse, if i can up the fun in each corner by being silly sideways i won't care as much where i am on the results, which would make events more fun.

    its possible to take things to seariously and ruin your fun. I clenched a championship one year at prescott but had almost no fun cause i was taking things too seriously , really pissed off my crew (friends) and stuff. was really just shitty of me. but i learned my lesson.

    you should also learn from my mistakes.

    3 years after blowing up my motor i'm just now starting to rebuild my rally car and i have a good income (also have a bunch of kids now.. lol)

    Hope you make it out on the stages and have a blast.
    Welcome to Rally Addicts anonymous! Hi I'm Alex Rademacher, and i have a Rally problem..... 23 rallies and counting....

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    also mini goals are really good.

    1) avoid being dead last
    2) go for a top 3 stage time in your class
    3) go for a top 3 class finish
    4) get a stage win (class)
    5) get a class win at a rally
    6) top 3 in class standings at year end
    7) class championship
    8) finish 500 stage miles
    9) finish 1000 stage miles

    etc etc
    Welcome to Rally Addicts anonymous! Hi I'm Alex Rademacher, and i have a Rally problem..... 23 rallies and counting....

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Vanlandingham View Post
    I am quoting the good stuff from john. Not worth the effort to reply to this dreck. Go talk to Dave and Brianne. You can ask them what they have done.

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