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    Really enjoying this site. Joined to look for cars and been learning how much I do not know. Really interested in getting a care and getting started. Any suggestions on venues in mid-Atlantic/Southeast? Really appreciate all the knowledge here.

    Chris Sadler - Rice, VA

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    Ever make it to Richmond--or the North side of Richmond? I have a good sensible friend there who maybe you could talk to..knows enough of the straight mechanical and build part--like engine and gearbox builds and he himself has weighed the idea of building a car---he hasn't because of a normal variety of things, but he has good head, an analytical one, and if you want I can put you in touch...He's not just customer--and a good one, or a "mentee" (wot da fuq you call the opposite of a mentor?), he became a friend.. (We talk of all kinds of things like the 5-6 operations I've had recently and the medical sysytem and having kids, schools, importation of parts everything.. And how much fun it'd be to build a nice simple but strong and quick car.
    John Vanlandingham
    Sleezattle, WA, USA

    Telephone +1 206 431 9696
    Rememeber the time zone difference

    Vive le Prole-le-ralliat

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