Turnkey Classic - 87 Subaru RX, Caged and Logbooked (Seattle, WA)
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Thread: Turnkey Classic - 87 Subaru RX, Caged and Logbooked (Seattle, WA)

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    Yes. I know what you are thinking. How is it possible that a classic rally car of this pedigree is available for sale on the open market? That's a good question.

    Have you always wanted an affordable rally car that can go 0-60? Well wait no longer. This car can go 0-60. Really. We've found that strapping a small bag of peanuts under the hood gives the squirrels in the mighty EA82T turbocharged engine a bit more enthusiasm.

    The engine has always started on the first crank which is a drawback if you prefer to give your starter motor a workout.

    Bored with only 6 forward gears? Thanks to the dual-speed transmission you get a choice of 10 forward and 2 reverse. It's the best part of a truck in a car you can fit in your tiny 1920's garage.And if you like a little oxidation with your vehicle, this is truly your dream.

    The car could use some love but is ready to get out on the gravel right now. Sure, you could spend a lot more money on a newer car and have a chance to fight for a podium position but you'd miss out on the joy of fighting for pride with the other classic cars and you'd lose out on the opportunity to clean up the rust and really put your stamp on your own piece of rally history.

    The cage is an original Dave Clark Motorsports work of art. It was updated in 2012 to conform to current regulations and to add some more structure to the recipe. After the cage updates (and a new driver's seat and harness and Terratrip 2 rally computer and Peltor headset amp and a new steering wheel) the car competed at 2012 Oregon Trail State Rally and the 2012 Pacific Forest Rally. And then as usual, things change and available time gets sucked up with work and kids and it is time to pass the car on to the next caretaker. It has been used on a couple of TSD rallies since then and gets regular exercise but I am sure someone else deserves a chance.

    Now you know it is just not possible to put a price on this opportunity. But I am going to try to let the car go for the neighborhood of $4000. Or I'll take more if you feel you are cheating me. I'll do that if only to help you sleep better at night. Not that you will be sleeping much with this car in your driveway.

    Comes with spare JVAB struts and spare wheels and worn tires and some other spares and a full set of shop manuals.

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    I would like to chat with you and get a little more info about the car and since I'm new to the site it won't let me send PMs yet.

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    I believe you can send PMs as a new user, you just have to activate them under your control panel.
    Good place to get started: Rally University

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    Quote Originally Posted by dunhamr1 View Post
    I believe you can send PMs as a new user, you just have to activate them under your control panel.
    Thanks for the help!

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    Ya know there's one more shock that goes with that car, been sitting right by the door from when it came back from a rebuild from Bilstein..All minty fresh, just somebody needs to pay the bill..
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    Oh hey yeah. Sorry about that. I completely forgot that you had one more of those in your possession. I'll come pick it up and pay you this coming week.


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