FS: Rimmer Sidewinder Autorotor Supercharger $1,000
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Thread: FS: Rimmer Sidewinder Autorotor Supercharger $1,000

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    Default FS: Rimmer Sidewinder Autorotor Supercharger $1,000

    FS: Rimmer Sidewinder Autorotor Supercharger $1,000

    Hello I'm looking to sell a Rimmer Sidewinder 1 liter twin screw Autorotor Supercharger kit for the same $1,000 (plus any shipping charges) I purchased it for in July from a well known Subaru community member. He never used it after purchasing it from it's previous owner (Jayson Black) in 2006 who. After doing lots of searches on the kit there were never any complaints about the actual product, just it's manufacturer who took people's money to build kits without ever delivering them.

    I purchased it after wanting to supercharge my stage rally car for several years, but it's come down to a hard decision and like many adults I've changed my plans due to life changes and would like to see it go to a good home. The kit is located in Denver Colorado, I'm willing to meet up in that area for those who will purchase it any other shipping costs are at the buyers expense from Zip Code 80003.

    Here are the pictures which I took of it and what it comes with as well as other detailed dimensions as mock up of it. The only references I have of it being assembled are at the end of the album, which would be needed to use as your "installation" guide.

    If you are not familiar with the kit here are a few links found on the internet about it and similar kits to get you started and hopefully answer any other questions you may have about it. In short it's designed NA Subarus Ej22 or EJ25, there's a bracket that mounts to those heads (which is shown in several of the above pictures) and it will also need a engine management device. The previous owner said that it's currently setup for 8psi and will max out at 14psi.

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    Payday Friday bump which means you too can invite your friends over to talk about your new Supercharged Subaru.

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    Bump for a perfect weekend couple's project. That's right two you could also be having this much fun together, but instead you'll probably just go to another lame dinner and a movie instead

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    Still looking to find this little guy a good home

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