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    Aloha people, My name is Gary and I am very excited to share a story of good fortune. We here on Maui have lost our sugar industry. Many hundreds of employees are being effected which is the downside. The parent company and the state of Hawaii are pulling out all stops to help with benefits and or jobs for the displaced. Good news! They will be fine! Here is the news. There are hundreds of miles of cane roads with a large diversity of terrains that will be available to explore. Though still private property and some obstacles such as gates and barriers will still exist, it will not be financially reasonable to keep us out . This is the beginning of a new chapter of racing on Maui. Sure, laws will be broken, trespassing will occure. In the end I believe that at least local, legal, rally will exist in very diverse conditions. I will do my best to update. Thanks

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    I can see it already.

    Wife "I want to go to Hawaii"

    husband " i want to rally"

    both "now we can do both!"

    you're gonna need a lot of rental cars, but you might just be onto something ... :O
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    There's some info on putting on a legal, sanctioned event.

    Good luck!

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    Your question is probably answered in Rally University.

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