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    Default Method Racing rally wheel changes

    Method Racing has made couple of changes to their Rally | VT Spec racing wheels.
    First they have changed the MR501 wheel from a 41mm offset to a 48mm offset. If you are buying from a store's existing inventory make sure you verify the offset you are getting as some of the old 41mm offsets may get mixed with the new 48mm offset wheels.
    Second, both the MR501 and MR502 are now available in Silver as well as Black.
    We are still requesting that they make the MR502 in a second offset so that they can be used on more of the older Subarus. But they are sticking with the one wheel - one offset offering for now. But I see the addition of the Silver wheels as a positive sign they may one day expand their lineup.
    Remember, free shipping on Method Race wheels at RMA !

    MR_501_VT_Spec_Head_On_Web.jpg method_501vt_15x7-1510-860-00-fac-1000.jpg
    method_502vt_15x7-1510-859-00-fac-1000.jpg MR_502_VT_Spec_Head_On_Web.jpg
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