Tpms on rallycar?
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Thread: Tpms on rallycar?

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    Default Tpms on rallycar?

    Considering winter upgrades to the rally car, and one of my coworkers brought up tpms. Initially I scoffed at the idea, but then I began to think. There was at least one stage per rally this year where I was convinced we got a flat and slowed down for a bit because I was worried.

    If I had tpms, a quick glance at the display would put my mind at ease and I'd press on full bore.

    Does anyone have experience with a standalone tpms system (I know it's like saying ATM machine)?

    I've even seen some that integrate the sensors into valve caps, so tire swapping wouldn't be much of an issue, as you could just swap the tpms caps over.

    Can anyone shed some light on the robustness of these systems? Do they work reliably enough such that they wouldn't cause me to worry more?


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    I think you would probably damage the sensors often when you hit big rocks. Not to mention the drop centers in rally wheels are very shallow and it'd be hard to mount the tires with sensors in.

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    James has a retrofit TPMS in the Merkur. Works fine, and yeah - it's helpful when you know something's wrong on stage but you aren't sure what.

    Sensors are strapped to the wheel in the center, so it's not an issue with damaging them or spacing or anything.

    We don't have them on the spares, just the main set - so when we swap, we lose that corner. You wouldn't want to go through reprogramming outside of service anyhow, so mostly just have to accept that it's a once per corner per service sort of thing.

    Downside: we are generally running pressures so low that they start alarming on every ATC as the tires get cold. Can be rather annoying, but not a big deal.

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