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    Default Spectating WRC Mexico

    Never having been to a WRC event before, I am tempted to attend WRC Mexico this coming spring and potentially looking at maybe combining it with a resort stay.

    As I have never been to a WRC event before, I don't have much of an idea of what to expect. Would love to hear any advice from people who have previously attended the event. Where did you fly in to? Where did you stay? Is that area of Mexico safe? Has anyone on here combined it with a resort stay?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You fly into Leon which is a major airport accessable non-stop from a couple of US airports. No resorts nearby as far as I saw when I was there. It is mountaneous desert in the area and not the sort of place for resorts. Fairly safe as shoes are the major industry. Lots of hotels with varrying pricing. You can find them thru hotels.com, orbitz, expedia and other web sites. Car rentals fairly reasonable. Lots of Federales providing protection and direct traffic. Usually an extremely small entry as very few FIA legal cars in North America. It is pretty much the middle of Mexico and about a 2 hour flight from Houston to give you an idea. Glad to answer questions if any more.
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