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    Hello everybody, My name is Harold, I am 24 years old, and I am currently an Apprentice Technician at a Buick GMC dealership. So I have quite a bit of mechanical knowledge. I grew up with Dirt track racing in my blood, my dad raced Street stocks, Late models, and IMCA Modifies when I was a kid. I truly love cars, racing, electrical things, basically anything mechanical, or electrical. My intrest in Rally started in late middle school, into high school, when Colin McRae killed it in the Xgames, even though he was 2nd, I was amazed at his skill, and his ability to just without missing a beat, just pop it into first and keep going. So obviously I researched him, and rally racing, Man was I hooked. Mow obviously life did get in the way, and my vehicle selection did lead me to start looking to rally anytime soon. So my passion sat on the back burner for a while. That was until recently, when my friend who also loves rally racing bought his third 1990's Subaru Impreza, and took some parts off of it and gave it to me for FREE!!! That vehicle, which is a running and driving 1996 Subaru Impreza Outback sport, now sits in my garage, getting prepped for me to thrash on it.

    The vehicle it's self has roughly 211,000 Miles on it, but shows no signs of stopping. I did however have to do some work to it to make it safe to drive. Such as front brakes, including a new caliper, valve cover gaskets, Spark plugs, Oil change, Tires, Knock sensor, Rear wheel bearing(which was terrible to do, stupid lateral link bolt!!), and a few other small odd's and ends. I still need to rebuild the power steering pump, because it leaks like crazy, replace the rack, due to some botch hose replacements that I don't really care for, along with bushings for it, because they are completely oil soaked. the bushings for the shift linkage need to be replaced, timing belt kit, and a few other things.

    Rally prep has already started. with the complete interior being gutted, A/C being removed, and that's it so far. Future plans are to lift it with some Forester Struts, and suspension components, skid plates, strut braces, mud flaps, tires(preferably used ones,lol), re run the wiring off the floor, and to the side, and continue on weight reduction.

    I am still currently looking for more ideas to prep the car, but keep in mind I am on a somewhat tight budget.

    I currently live on the IL/WI border, so I would like to know what events, trails, and tracks I have at my disposal, so that I can get a feel for the car, and hone my driving. I hear that the Badlands in Northern Indiana has a Rally Cross track? I would easily go there at least twice a month if this rumor is true.

    That is pretty much it for me, so far after just looking around the site, it appears that I still have a lot to learn.

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    Your question is probably answered in Rally University.

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    Heya Harold! You're actually is a pretty good location. WAG does a lot of rallycross events just up a bit in WI, Stateline Rallycross does (pretty kickass, IMO) events in Byron IL, and there's Indiana Rallycross which is also badass. My recommendation would be to not go too crazy on modifications yet, but rather to make a solid car that will go all day without any need for repair. Get some snow tires, and do a lot of rallycross. Make little tweaks and changes between events, and get to know what your car will need before you go all out. I'm not far away at all if I can be of assistance.

    Best of luck, and have fun!

    Oh yeah, and there's ice racing too.
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    Thanks Guys, It would appear that I have some reading to do. My main goal actually for now is to make it reliable. So far so good I guess, then get used to it, and then upgrade. I feel like I should become comfortable with the ability of the car, and then upgrade. That way I feel and understand the upgrades, that and so I don't have a pretty good accident because I can't handle a car. I have been looking into Nokian snow tires lately, but we'll see where my money is at in a few weeks.

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