An other alternative to the floor welding process?
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Thread: An other alternative to the floor welding process?

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    Default An other alternative to the floor welding process?


    I was looking at Mythbuster last week, and they was testing bedliner coating and that stuff resist to C4 !

    Do you think that coating or an other product can add strength to a car like spot welding will do

    I Have seen some product in Wurth catalogue that look interesting


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    No. No gain is strength. And its heavy, expensive and makes a giant mess meaning what could be easy repairs become giant, huge messes before you can weld...
    We go to considerable effort to remove the OEM undercoating and soundproofing so that we can weld.....and ever since the late 90s when the process we call the JVAB Liquid nitrogen Death ray was introduced to America it no longer is a toxic painful process to remove the junk under and in the car...Since then smrater-er people have spent a little money so the can quickly and easily strip undercoating priopr to stitching*..

    You don't have to stitch weld first, you can go and pound the car and then when stuff gets ripped up THEN first repair, then strengthen..

    What car?

    *remember the industry standard is 1/2" or weld every 1 1/2" or so...there is no gain or point to do more.
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