rallye safe is at rallye défi
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Thread: rallye safe is at rallye défi

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    Default rallye safe is at rallye défi

    for those who want to see rally safe in action today and tomorrow:


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    Very nice!
    Good place to get started: Rally University

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    Very impressive. I notice that when Twitter dries up (probably due to lack of cellular coverage) RallySafe is still working. The times seem to be +/- 3 seconds compared to official scores on RallyScoring.com. The app clearly states the times are unofficial and guidelines only. What would it take to improve the accuracy? I'm not complaining. This is a big advancement.
    Lawrence Partington

    TV2GO Toronto

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    The same ~2sec float was seen at Rocky, and the explanation appears to be that the ECM Timing Clocks used by RallyWest and RSO (made in England) pull their 'GPS time' from a different constellation than the RallySafe units (made in Australia.)
    The RallySafe people gave Jean-Georges their raw timing data for comparison and it proved to be substantively consistent with the RSO gear.
    There is another place where a difference can come in, which is where the flying finish beams are positioned somewhere other than where the GPS 'gate' is placed. The faster the flying finish, the less of a difference, but if a car was crossing the finish at 60km/h (for easy math) the car is moving 1.7m per tenth of a second...
    Keith Morison
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