"Eve" is for sale. Open Class GC8 refined monster
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Thread: "Eve" is for sale. Open Class GC8 refined monster

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    Default "Eve" is for sale. Open Class GC8 refined monster

    Yes, and sadly for me, "Eve" built by Matt Iorio and Paladin Rally to beat the factory teams of the era (Overall win at STPR, 2006) is for sale.
    If you want to go ridiculously fast in an Open Class car that has proven its performance at the pinnacle of our sport, you are done looking. Wanna race in the Rallycross events? Swap the restrictor and retune the engine for what it was built to produce and tolerate.
    Creating a race car that is predictable, reliable, durable and fast require effort and resources. The new owner will benefit from those efforts and resources that have been expended to make this car the jewel that it is.

    Here is Matt's ad for June of 2008 that lead me to buy this car:
    Race winning, technically superior almost every other car in the United States, yet built to be reliable and therfore econimical. This is a tip top Fully built Open Class rally car, a monster. The chassis is fully seam welded and lightened. Thousands of man hours have gone into customizing every aspect of this rally car, from the custom wire harness, to the widened track, this car is too tidy and clean to compare to the other dirty, beat up, "OK" rally cars out there.

    Some cars can win, this car has. In same trim as won STPR 06 overall. Too many podiums to list. This car was build new by Paladin Rally for 06 season.

    This car has every bell and whistle.

    Custom Cages light weight T45 FIA cage
    Fully seam welded lightened chassis
    Rallyable at 2700 lbs
    Totally built 2.0 motor by RalliSpec, Pistons, rods, cams, valves, ect
    Variable Cam
    Ron Davis 3 inch core Radiator
    PE1825 Twin scroll turbo, custom rotated.
    Custom up and down pipe.
    Quick Fit Exhaust
    Velocity Stack 34mm restrictor
    Autronic ECU
    Flat Shift
    Launch control
    Porgramable Aquamist water injection
    Full Custom lightweight Wiring harness, with no fuses, just push button breakers at fingertips and aircraft fittings. Removable in 4 detachable sections.
    Gems Center diff controler with multiple programs at fingertips
    Aluminum STI rear links and control arms
    Fender flares to accomodate wide track
    Hardened bushings through out
    Gp N Tranny Mounts
    AP Racing brakes front and rear
    Steel braided brake lines
    Alloy skid plate
    Carbon underclading
    HDPE murder flaps
    Ohlens Suspension, 3 way adjustable and height, upgraded 4PMX valving, and custom shimming
    Premier Fuel cell
    Steel braided fuel lines w/ teflon lining
    1 piece aluminum prop shaft
    Exedy Clutch
    R180 rear diff
    6 speed RalliSpec Transmission
    STI front and rear LSD with increased preload
    Polycarbonate side and rear windows
    Removable side windows for rear seat acess
    Light weight hood
    04 gpN hood scoop very tall!
    WRC rear wing
    Rear Deck winglet
    Carbon mirrors
    Quick attach rear bumper
    1 prodrive by sparco 1 Imola two seat
    Sabelt 6 point harness
    Peltor Intercom
    Coralba C Giant rally computer
    Sparco steering wheel
    easy reach drink holders
    Helmet box
    Light antiglare dash with quick computer accesability.
    KYB racing jack
    Tool Kit
    Fluid Kit
    Med kit
    Spill kit
    12 liter intercooler sprayer
    cool suit hookup
    Reflex Wiper blades
    2 hood, 2 bumper, Hallogen Rally light pods. 6 lights
    Speedline Wheels
    AIM LXL Strata Dash w/ shift light.

    co-driver light, wheel scrapers and more suff I'm forgetting.

    The car is awsome, strong, reliable, and has won races. The 2 door GC chassis is very adaptable; most of these parts will bolt into any impreza up to 08. She is currently painted white, garaged in New Hampshire and answers to the name of Eve. This is the car to run with the factory boys, or just have FUN!!! in Club events.
    (end quote)

    Some things from the above have changed. The Version 8, 2 liter that had 28 pounds of boost and liked 112 octane race gas was not designed to last forever. My race budget couldn't support engine swaps with any frequency so we opted for a built and blueprinted 2.5 l block with Kelford cams (the ones with the Subaru WRC profile that add massive torque behind a 34 mm restrictor, up to 60 lbs) and tuned it to run on pump gas.
    The wiring harness and all the engine sensors have been replaced with new parts.
    Stand alone engine management was upgraded to a latest generation Vipec.
    New custom rear sway bar with new links.
    The vehicle has a new fuel cell.
    Both seats replaced. Harnesses are current.
    12 (relatively) new Speedlines when the originals were stolen.
    Decent gravel tires , all mounted plus 12 unmounted older gravel tires that could serve as spares.
    The spares package is gigantic, including a spare turbo, up pipe, exhaust, roof, etc. etc. etc.
    Car has been professionally maintained by Synaptic 3 Engineering before and after every rally, with fresh fluids for each event.
    Ohlins have been professionally rebuilt annually and serviced after every rally.
    The 6 different selectable maps for the diffs were programmed by Patrick Richard, multi-time Canadian National Champion from Rocket Rally in Vancouver. Driving diffs mapped to your conditions is so amazing that it is difficult to descibe.
    I have never had an off in this car because: 1) the car is that awesome 2) I have been blessed with incredible navi's and 3) I work so many hours and get so little time off that I refuse to spend that time in a ditch or broken at the side of a road watching others fly past.
    Despite my belief that in my racing life, "Maximum Attack" is reserved for how I eat a cheesburger in the service area, this car has landed me on many podiums and taken me to 3rd place finishes in the 2009 and 2012 Eastern Region Driver's Championship.
    A set on Enkei RPF-1 17 inch tarmac rims will be included with the car.
    Operating this car on Stage has been a joy each and every time.
    It's time for someone else to build many great memories.

    So, a great car with great prep and great spares package, and of course log book ... how much?
    $25,000 gets you car and spares, ready to go.
    "But I don't have a trailer big enough for all that stuff?" you say?
    Okay, $30,000 gets you the car, all the spares and a very good 24' enclosed trailer modified for rally support with workbench with vise, wheel holders, and a custom wall mounted inventory management system for the spares.
    Are there cheaper cars out there that are nowhere near this good? Yup.
    Are there better cars out there at or below this price? Nope.

    I confidently predict that the new owner of this vehicle will have NO buyers remorse.

    Messages can be left on my home phone: ( six-oh-three) fore-seven-won oh-seven-three-five
    (Vehicle will only be sold in USA or Canada, no shipping overseas.)

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    I may have missed this in the add above, but where is the car located?

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    She is currently painted white, garaged in New Hampshire and answers to the name of Eve.
    answer was well hidden in the text

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    I believe that was part of Matt's add. I was at his shop a few times in New Hampshire. I'm not sure the car is currently located in NH?

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    sorry just trying to help- people really should put price and location in the subject line

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    Quote Originally Posted by RallyGuy24 View Post

    I believe that was part of Matt's add. I was at his shop a few times in New Hampshire. I'm not sure the car is currently located in NH?
    Area code 603 is still in NH.

    Wicked deal at $25k!
    Grant Hughes - 1985 Merkur XR$TI Group 5
    885 Parfet St Ste C
    Denver, CO 80215

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    Default Awesome car!

    This car is a pleasure to drive, rally, and work on. The car extremely fast and well balanced. My wife and I competed with this car in a IRNY event in 2010. The trailer is well set up. Buyer will not be disappointed.

    The car is currently located in NH.

    Any questions, just ask.

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    Car is sold! Thank you to the 6 folks that displayed interest. Dave, it was great to meet you and Eric. I hope you and your son have only fun and happiness in this awesome vehicle. Wish you the best! Enjoy!

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