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Thread: Peltor Intercom help.

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    Default Peltor Intercom help.

    G'day.I use a Peltor FM120 Rally Intercom.
    I also use an AEE ActionCam SD21. Search SD21 Outdoor version.

    The AEE Action Camera has 2.5mm jack for recording with an electret external microphone, so the AEE tech support advised.
    I have tried RCA aux out on the Peltor to 2.5mm stereo jack but have had no success.
    Is the RCA Aux output too high a voltage?
    Any thoughts?
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    Almost assuredly. An electret mic puts out microvolts, and aux level is usually around .3v.

    Simplest thing is to try a voltage divider. You can play with the values of the values of the resistors a little to get the level right if it's close.

    Peltor o--------+
               R1 <10K>
                    +----------------o    camera
               R2 <120>
       GND o--------+----------------o    GND
    Don't play with R2 too much. Lowering R1 will increase the voltage to the camera making things louder. You can maybe try a 4.7K there or go up to 15-20K if it's too loud.

    If you try it, please report back with your findings.
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