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Thread: Anyone know of good ways to raise money to buy a rally car?

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    Know what I mean?
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    Support your Local North American Rally Forum!!

    While they are still around-and get the hell off Farsebook!!

    We still have Specialstage & RallyAnarchy.

    Post up Here:

    and here:


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    I used to have no money. Then I had no time. Now I'm somewhere in the middle and still trying to sort out what is the best use of both lol.

    I'm working towards a car slowly. Had several other projects I needed to finish first but that stuff will be done this spring for the most part and my attention will turn full time to the rally car finally.

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    Working! It's not like I can give you more advice.
    Unless you're planning to quickly inherit a large sum of money or know for sure what the winning numbers of the next Powerball are.
    For example, I'm planning to buy a rally car because I've spent the last 5 years doing things like observing price trends for these flats in Cannes or accompanying German speaking executives on their professional trips to the US, and that's pretty much it.

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