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Dave, I can only suggest you read NRS's time barring rules as from your statement, it appears you think they are the same as SCCA/RA. They are significantly different. With NRS, volunteers in the field or in sweep or at service don't declare anyone over MPL, so they literally can't be liberal with time barring, as they don't get to do it. That's a function of the higher ups. Anders
I am aware of that Anders and with RA it is the same and need a higher authority to time bar somebody and since they all are volunteers, it is still the volunteers or the higher ups if some people are being paid that need the reminders about enforcing the time bar rules unless there is an unusual situation and a bulletin is issues or something is posted on the notice board that time bars are being waived for everyone. Would never want a volunteer who is not an official time bar anyone. Even officials are volunteers. Have seen cases of lateness exceeding 30 minutes yet the competitors were considered finishers.