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    Erik Carlsson has died today, age 86.

    The big fella, born in Trollhättan, quite rightly became known as Mr Saab

    He won the first 'proper' RAC Rally in 1960, repeating the feat in '61 & '62

    His list of victories was impressive

    1957 1000 Lakes (The first non Finn to win)
    1959 Swedish Rally
    1959 Deutschland Rally
    1961 Acropolis Rally
    1962 & 1963 Monte Carlo Rally
    1964 Sanremo Rally

    He married Pat Moss (sister of Stirling).

    His Car control was legendary (it had to be, because Saabs back then weren't known for their power output!)

    On his way to victory during the 1963 MonteCarlo Rally

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    Vila i fred, Erik

    ger järnet när du kommer ditåt.
    John Vanlandingham
    Sleezattle, WA, USA

    Telephone +1 206 431 9696
    Rememeber the time zone difference

    Vive le Prole-le-ralliat

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    Thanks for posting this, autohabit.

    RIP Mr. Saab. (or hang it out for eternity, which seemed to be more your style!)


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    We should bring back tuxes for the final MTC!
    Several articles and obits here:

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