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    ****NEW PRICE = $4,000

    1992 VW Golf GL - It just needs the cage and safety equipment and its ready to hit NEFR this year!

    This car was originally going to be my stage car that I was going to have built. As a result, I made sure I found a good one and I put a bunch of money into it in order to get the most reliable and balanced car I could build. I did this by replacing many mechanical and electrical components on the car in addition to the gearbox and engine work. Receipts available. I ended up buying a built car that came up for sale that I fell in love with and that is why I am selling it. The car is stock and just needs a cage, seats, harness and safety misc items and its ready!

    Tranny - This car has a 3.94 final drive and the closer gear ratio transmission. There is only one other final drive that is better; the 4.25 which is almost impossible to find as it came in diesel cars of that vintage. There are better ones but they cost $500 to $800 and you have to send away for them in Germany. I had the transmission rebuilt with fresh seals, syncro rings etc (no expense spared). This transmission has very low miles (1k max) since the rebuild as I have only driven it on the street. No rally use.

    Motor - The motor has fairly low mileage ~145k miles or so. It is the stock 1.8L 8v motor that came in MK2’s. The car is a 1992 so it runs on Digifant 2 and has the more modern electrical CE2. I installed a mild TT cam (267 degrees). Regular non-synthetic oil was changed between every event. The car has an Tectonics EPROM chip that gives it a slightly higher RPM range and a pinch more power. It also got a new FPR, radiator, hoses, and ISV in the last two years. The car also has the Toywagon A/C delete kit.

    Exhaust – It has a full TT exhaust system with a magnaflow muffler. In between the muffler and motor sits a dual exhaust manifold and a European sourced racing downpipe (cat delete). The exhaust mani and the downpipe were purchased used from Brian's Garage but inspected carefully, the TT exhaust system and muffler was purchased new. This combination of items makes great power for G2 but retains the torque and reliability known in these motors. I have the dyno chart print out as well. Please note you will need to add a hi-flo cat somewhere along the system to comply with RA regulations.

    Suspension – Bilstein HD’s on all four corners that have about 10 RallyX events on them and very little street miles. These have been used by G2 privateers that are starting out and have been a good economical choice that is better than stock.

    Body - The exterior is in pretty decent shape for the age however for full disclosure it has some VERY minor surface rust that has begun on the outer part of the sheet metal around the fenders. It is very small but I figure I should disclose this detail. This could very easily be controlled by doing some minor body sanding + priming and painting. The good thing is that there is no rust or deterioration visible under the hood or near the pinch welds. Strut towers and everywhere else is solid and clean. The minor stuff could probably be cleaned up by a pro for very cheap or you could do it yourself. The rest of the body and undercarriage is SOLID and CLEAN.

    The car has a laundry list of fresh mechanical and electrical parts that were replaced with brand new OEM items in the last 12 to 24 months and have low miles. The car is solid and reliable. I would jump in it and drive to California in it if I had to; that’s how confident I feel about its reliability.

    For $4k I will include the car as well as the following items:

    - Spare STOCK 9A transmission (condition was that it was running when pulled but I have not tested it).
    - A full set of 14” winter wheels/tires with studs that have very good tread. The car already has a set of wheels/tires so this would be an additional 2nd set.
    - Basic skidplate installed (but should be developed a bit more for stage)
    - Spare subframe, cross member, and I think a spare power steering rack
    - Spare knuckles (hard to find these days) and brake calipers (need a rebuild)
    - New PIAA slim lites (installed)
    - And a bunch of other spares specifically for this car that are brand new and OEM. I will give it all to you.

    This car is ready to be made into a stage car. This is a car you can start with and have for many years to come given both its reliability and its sustainability over the long term. You may find cars in the sub $10k area but how fatigued are they from running 15+ hard events??? When going thru my own search my fear with those $5k to $7k cars had always been that if I clean them up and got to the starting line, how confident would I feel that I will not DNF over some B.S. item that was old or beat up from use. I always found that those cars still needed about $1.5 to $2k worth of freshening. That’s why I went with either a car that was built new or a car with less than 5 events on it.

    If you bought this car and added a RA cage ($2.5k), new seats and belts ($1.2k) and other misc. (~1k) you would essentially have a new G2 built car for under $10k that has no stage events and a solid chassis to learn the sport and progress. In a couple of years you could get a heavier duty suspension and maybe swap in an ABA or a 1.8T and be good to go for several more years as you get faster. You also get a fresh rebuilt tranny not including a bunch of extra parts and spares that I have laying around. My wife wants this stuff out of the basement and garage! Help me out guys! Ha!

    Please PM me or text me for more pics and/or if you have any further questions.

    for pics only, see below ad


    - Kevin

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    New Price!

    $4k but missing a few items

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    can you update with a link?

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    Clean Mk2! You might have better luck (or mulitple lowball offers) posting on VWkotex...ahem, VWvotex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rallyfreak202 View Post
    Clean Mk2! You might have better luck (or mulitple lowball offers) posting on VWkotex...ahem, VWvotex.
    Thanks for the suggestion! your right, vtex is full of lowballers when it comes to this sort of thing.

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