Due to West Coast port strikes, this shipment had to come cross country by rail and finally arrived a month later than expected. However we now have tires for all upcoming rallies.

We are also able to offer some great deals on 195/70-15" G4 compound and 195/65-15" G4 (manufactured in 2013).
The 195/70 is an intermediate size between the 205/65 and 195/65 (Closest in size to the 205/65-15" only 2mm narrower tread with the same overall height) .
These are priced to move at :
$195ea for 195/70
$190ea for 195/65

We also have:
215/65-15" in S, S3 and S6 compound
205/65-15" in G42 compound
175/70-15" in G42 compound
175/70-14" in G42 compound
185/65-13 in G4 compound

Give a call and let us know what you need.
[email protected]