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    Gravel rally season is here! We have tires in stock and are shipping daily. For those who are not aware, the Dmack Tyres USA warehouse has moved to Portland Oregon so East Coast delivery times will be a few days longer than in the past and customers will need to plan accordingly.

    Stocks are running a bit low but we have a few sets of most sizes left. The next container is anticipated by the end of April, but those needing tires for Empire State Performance Rally or Oregon Trail Rally should get their orders in soon in case there are delays with the shipment.

    [email protected]

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    i can smell rubber just looking at that picture

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    But you guys were soo close to me haha. Now shipping is going to cost me more lol.

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    Default tires

    Looking for 3 left and 3 right tires. The G42 Medium compound. 205 65 15. Or whaatever you feel will fit a 6 in wheel. Price would be shipped to 49506. Pm a price!
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    Rob I sent you a message.

    Our new shipment is in and there are special deals on several sizes:
    195/65-15" for $190 ea and 195/70-15" for $195 ea.

    The 195/70-15" is a great alternative to the 205/65-15" for teams on a budget, just a bit narrower but quite a bit cheaper while stock lasts.

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