We have a few of the 2015 McKlein calendars still available ... $89 ea (more artwork than calendars) They will attract attention in your office


McKlein's famous rally calendar once again comes in its impressive 95 cm wide panoramic format and, in line with McKlein tradition, features the twenty-eight best pictures from the World Rally Championship.
Incredible action added to the very special atmosphere of today’s World Rally Championship – these are the ingredients that make McKlein’s XXL calendar “Rally 2015– The Wider View” so amazing.

The celebrated photographers from McKlein have selected the 25 best images from the current WRC season and show them in a giant 95 cm wide panoramic format. For each month of the year, this calendar offers the choice between two very different pictures that display the most spectacular WRC action as well as the art of photography that is so typical of McKlein. This can include unusual perspectives of the WRC action or even a subtle edit to produce unique “photo art”.

As a bonus, in the accompanying text the McKlein photographers have provided an insight into the camera settings that they used to produce these images as well as the location of the photos.

This XXL calendar is the official calendar of the 2015 FIA World Rally Championship. It contains twenty-five of the most captivating images of the current WRC season showing the enormous variety of the sport through the eyes of the world famous photographers of McKlein who also give an insight into their camera settings as well as the location of the photos.
Format: 95 x 48 cm, spiral binding