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    We are starting a rent to own Hans program.
    Here's the short version:
    Rental fee: $100/week
    One time admin fee: $20
    Shipping (includes prepaid return shipping label): $30
    Hans Posts must be purchased and installed by user if needed. Can be bought for $75 if needed.
    90% of rental fee goes back to customer as store credit. You can use it for a Hans or rent forever and use it to buy other gear.

    An additional deposit of $250 must be made at each rental.
    Contact me direct at [email protected] for arrangements. Limited quantities available at this time.

    For those of you mathematically challenged:
    First rental - $100+20+30+75 = $225 plus a seperate $250 deposit and we send the Hans to you.
    You receive Hans posts of your very own that you keep forever (and install yourself unless you happen to be local to Denver area).
    Send us the Hans back the following week after the event and we refund the $250 deposit and you now have a $90 store credit.
    Second rental - $100+30 = $130 plus deposit
    Send it back within week and we refund deposit and you now have a $180 store credit. Few more rentals and you can buy one of the Monit rally computers sitting on the shelf. 10 more and you could buy a super cool lightweight version of the Hans. You'd also join a VERY small crowd of people if you rent all twelve times for rallying. Probably like 0.1% of rallyists have done 12 events. And we were there to help you achieve that!
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    great program. I now own a Hans device (hutchins hybrid style) through a rent to own program. same with one of my navigators.

    perfect way to get into the sport and not have all the costs hit you at once.

    also if you get some credit during the year, you can ask loved ones (parents) to pay off the rest of the HANs ... parents usually will go for those safety type items
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    Grant-is this still available?

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