Matthew Noble-Marker "Livin' the Dream 2015" Rally Sprint
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Thread: Matthew Noble-Marker "Livin' the Dream 2015" Rally Sprint

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    Default Matthew Noble-Marker "Livin' the Dream 2015" Rally Sprint

    Warren Rally Sport
    Matthew Noble-Marker " Livin' the Dream 2015" Rally Sprint

    Round 1 of the 2015 Warren Rally Sport Sprint Series

    Matthew Noble-Marker epitomized everything good about rally. He was a free-spirit who lived to rally, always willing to help anyone in need, he was a lovable goofball and a fierce competitor who touched the hearts of all who knew him. Born in 1979 and a native of Elk Rapids, MI, Matt lost his life doing what he loved in a tragic accident in 2011 here in Washington State. With the blessing of the Marker Family we are proud and honored to keep Matt's Dream Alive..."Livin' the Dream 2015"

    The Sprint Stage covers a total distance of 5 miles over the gravel roads North West of Shelton WA. 45% of the stage is wide, fast and flowing before diving into an acute corner at the spectator area and becoming tight and fast with a handful of hair raising blind acute corners enroute to finish. The teams will make 3 runs from North to South before breaking for lunch and service and then making 3 more runs in the reverse direction.

    Steven Warren,
    Warren Rally Sport

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    Unhappy Matthew Noble Marker Memorial Rally Sprint now showing as Cancelled

    Sad to hear that this event was just cancelled. I have high hopes for the return of Rally Sprint events. I know SCCA is looking to bring them back, but isn't ready to just yet. This event I believe was going to be run under the new USRA, which makes me wonder if that was the reason for its cancelling. Regardless of the politics of it, I hate to see any rally event cancelled.

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