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    Default Sno*Drift / RA season news

    Whaddya say, whaddya know? Only 36 entries so far for SD is kinda light considering they had 57 last year. Early entry is done so can't see too many more national entries coming in. Reg. has til mid Jan. yet so I'd expect the locals like Zenz, Topping, Mann, and Nowicki to show up there. Cline is entered, but car is sold and don't think he has a new car yet.
    Seems like the national entries have been booming the last couple years but looks bleaker this year so far. Who knows what guys like ACP, MJ, TP, DVW, etc plans' are for this year? I've heard VTCar is only planning on one car for this year, but maybe that's only one '15 car and TP can still run last years? I think Block is planning on a limited schedule again. 100AW and which others? Also heard there won't be as many Fiesta's showing up this year, or for the whole season at least.

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    I'll be there as a regional.

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    I think people are wisely waiting till after 1/1/15 to see how things might change............................................ .......................................

    Roy D. from Kartek: "Rally is the cheapest motorsport in America. The last time I went to a rally it was an 84 Tercel with no headlights, an 88 nissan S box puking smoke, a 91 civic with no spare tire......."

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    I missed the memo Dan, what the heck is supposed to change after 1/1/15??

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    Just memo....just sayin..............

    Roy D. from Kartek: "Rally is the cheapest motorsport in America. The last time I went to a rally it was an 84 Tercel with no headlights, an 88 nissan S box puking smoke, a 91 civic with no spare tire......."

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    I think no one aside from teamo guys are waiting for anything. So like maybe two 2wd cars? Low entries has nothing to do with this magical announcement.

    There's no price bump for regional until the 15th, entries will still go up. National who knows...

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    My finances say I can run either Sno drift or 100 acre wood. Ive ran Sno drift twice so 100 acre it is! I plan on 4 or 5 event not sure what ones or how many different series? Guess ill wait for 1/1/15

    I am surprised to not see more entries. Cline sold his car and is not running Sno drift. I get the vibe he doesnt plan to run 2015 at all. LSPR rumors I herd from non reliable sources that DVW is R2 racing. And doesnt plan on any RA events. TP said on FB he was going to be at every nitro circus event next year. That doesnt leave much room for rally I dont think.

    Maybe the National price hike with no real benefit is catching up?
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    Dan is just stirring the pot. Whatever that bunch out west has to say, doesn't have anything to do with Sno Drift or 100AW.
    Will be glad to see you in MO.

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    14 of the entrants are nationals at this point. Is that low for the end of December? I'm only asking cause I've never really studied it. All I know is a change of scenery would definitely be welcomed. Nobody is cheering for VSC at this point (unless it's an event that TP is at). I'd love to see Adam Y give them a run for their money this year. SP will continue to be the class with the biggest battles. Nick R and Lauchlin ought to have some good battles with or without DVW. We'll see. Will this be an off year? who knows. But regionals should be REALLY interesting.

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    I heard through the grape vine Subaru is dumping their money in GRC.
    O'Neil is pissed at RA for various reasons.

    Seasons Greetings!
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