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    Hi all, long time rally enthusiast here. I was mostly introduced to the sport by Lincoln Woodard, Claire Chizma's brother. I attended the Rally school in Ridgecrest CA almost a decade ago but have not gone rallying yet. keeping my eyes open for a g2 vw golf.

    I have watched many rallies and was particularly smitten with the Sprongl brothers and their audi. Then I got to work a rally they entered (Rim?) and without delay messed up their rally timer sheet (wrote entry to staging for the start on the wrong stage!) and felt pretty stupid. I also attended many of the prescott events and got to see Ron Woods run, Henry Joy, and Carl Merrill, Paul Choiniere (sp?) among others. Always loved the dedication the organizers have for the sport. Oh, I did get to go to Michigan LSPR with Richard Losee in his Guy Light built golf, that was fun.

    Engineer by trade and volkswagen enthusiast by accident, thought I would drop by and introduce myself as is the custom.

    -Frank G.
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